President Trump Orders Flags at Half-Staff for 29 Victims of Deadly El Paso and Dayton Shootings

Early Saturday morning, a shooter entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and killed 20 people and injured 27 others. Authorities believe the gunman, a white 21-year-old named Patrick Crusius, was targeting the Hispanic community.

Police later discovered a racist manifesto allegedly written by Crusius. The essay condemns the “Hispanic invasion of America” and is filled with white supremacist language.

The Justice Department says it will charge Crusius with domestic terrorism and is considering federal hate crime and firearm charges.

The next morning in Dayton, Ohio, a gunman opened fire in a downtown area, killing nine people before being shot to death by police. The shooter’s sister was among his victims.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jenny Rose Spaudo