Deaf Man Turns from Following Cult to Faith in Christ

As a Deaf young boy in Mozambique, Pedro frequently got into trouble and acted out violently. Then one day a Deaf friend of Pedro’s invited him to attend a church.

Only it wasn’t a real church. It was a cult.

Since then, Pedro was conflicted. The so-called church forbade him from seeing his family, even for sicknesses or funerals. He felt very uncomfortable with their teachings and didn’t see them lining up with Scripture.

Pedro left the cult and started attending another hearing church. Then he was introduced to DOOR International and their Chronological Bible Storying translation for Deaf people.

“I finally knew how loving my God really was,” Pedro says. “This set me free.”

DOOR recruited Pedro to join their 2-by-2 Program which trains Deaf leaders in pairs of evangelists and teachers. DOOR celebrated Pedro’s 2-by-2 commissioning with several others in June.

From a violent kid to a confused cult follower to a redeemed Christian leader, Pedro’s life was forever changed.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News