Baby Born Mid-Flight on Mission Aviation Fellowship Airplane in Indonesia

6May2019, MAF pilot Dennis Bergstrazer took off with six passengers in PK-MAF and landed with seven! A baby was born halfway between Ilaga and Timika, in Papua. Once in Timika, the mother, Arida Wonda, walked off the aircraft like nothing had happened. Fortunately, Sister Yunita, a nurse from Ilaga, had accompanied the mother and was there to help deliver the baby boy, which his parents named Dennis MAF Wonda. The father’s name is Kerinus/Kera Wonda. Sister Yunita is holding the baby.

Can you imagine giving birth on a plane? That’s exactly what happened recently to a mom in Papua, Indonesia.

Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot Dennis Bergstrazer was flying a pregnant woman to a hospital in the city of Timika. Her husband, sister, young daughter, and a nurse were also with her.

As Bergstrazer tells it, “About halfway back to Timika, I turned around and sure enough, she was giving birth right then and there! Fortunately, the nurse was along and she had everything that she needed right there handy…. So by the time we landed 15 minutes later, the baby was of course born by that time.”

The joyful parents named their newborn son in honor of the man who piloted their airborne maternity ward, as well as the ministry — ‘Dennis MAF’.

Although the unusual situation could have been cause for turbulence, Bergstrazer says everything went rather smoothly.

“After being on the ground for about 15 minutes here in Timika, to my surprise, [the mother] was starting to get up to walk off the airplane by herself…. The nurse asked her, ‘Are you dizzy? Do you need some help to get off the airplane?’ She said no with a smile.

“I think it’s a miracle when you take off with six people on board, and land with seven. Of course, all babies are miracles.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh