Family, Friends Celebrate the Legacy of ‘700 Club’ Co-host Ben Kinchlow in Homecoming Service at Regent University Chapel

Family and friends gathered Thursday to honor the long-time co-host of The 700 Club, Ben Kinchlow. He passed away last month at the age of 82.

The touching tribute to this man of God was held in the Regent University Chapel.

“Some of you, if you’re expecting a funeral today, you’re in the wrong place because today we’re gonna celebrate the life and legacy of Ben Kinchlow,” said Pastor Mark Lawrence of Regent University.

Lawrence set the scene for the celebration service with the flag-draped casket of Kinchlow before him.

In addition to being a veteran, this man of God served as a minister, author, businessman and well-known 700 Club co-host with CBN founder and chairman, Dr. Pat Robertson.

“It’s Ben’s homecoming, and brother, I just want to tell you—I’m looking down at this casket—we love you,” Robertson said. “I loved you; we worked great together.”

“You were my dear friend; we were partners, and we live for the Lord, and your life is a testimony to the power of God Almighty,” he continued.

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SOURCE: Charisma News