Audio Scriptures Ministries Makes It Easier to Share the Gospel in Another Language Without Ever Having to Take a Class

As a popular immigrant and refugee haven, it’s not uncommon in the United States to hear more than one language at your local grocery store.

This diverse environment means American Christians don’t have to go overseas to reach the nations with the Gospel. We can be a global witness right in our own backyards.

Joshua Harrison with Audio Scriptures Ministries admits it’s not easy. “I think that reaching across language barriers and cultural barriers is always going to be a challenge. But that’s a challenge that does face us right here and now in our own neighborhoods.

“We are called to bring the Gospel to those around us, regardless of your thoughts on the political situation, regardless of your thoughts on where you could serve better. God has placed you where you are right now with spheres of influence where you can bring God’s Word.”

Ministries like ASM make it easier to share God’s Word in other tongues — without ever taking a language class! Their audio recording teams complete more and more Scripture translation recordings every year. Those Scripture recordings are freely available on apps by groups like Scripture Earth, Wycliffe Canada, and Global Recordings Network.

Harrison says, “Our Latin America Director Jim Loker met someone at a cell phone shop and discovered that this was a native Zapotec speaker. They had recorded his language. This man’s face just lit up when he saw that he could play [the Bible] in his own language. He said, ‘I must write, I must call my family and tell them about this back in Mexico!’

“You don’t have to learn everyone’s heart language. You can just point them to God’s Word in their own heart language.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh