WATCH: Owner Tries to Feed His Golden Retriever Some Broccoli but the Puppy is Not Having It

A Golden Retriever named Marshall tried broccoli for the first time after his owner attempts to use it as a treat

An adorable Golden Retriever tries his first bite of broccoli after his owner passes it as a treat and is instantly grossed out.

Marshall, a four month old pup from Ocean County, New Jersey, was practicing how to sit on command in a video taken on July 8.

Marshall waits expectantly for a dog treat, but instead is confused when his owner holds out a tiny piece of broccoli.

The young puppy is repulsed by the smell alone as he shakes his head every time he goes in for a whiff of the unusual treat.

Finally, Marshall takes a nibble and instantly spits out the unworthy treat on the floor.

On Newsflare, the owner joked about his dog’s aversion to broccoli.

They said, ‘Our golden retriever pup tried broccoli and wasn’t a fan.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Lauren Edmonds