There’s a Devil Loose: Texas Man Found Dead With His Wife’s Body in Freezer in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Investigators believe a 66-year-old Dallas-area man killed his estranged 24-year-old wife and stored her body in a freezer before taking his own life.

Arlington police on Monday located the bodies of Edward Rogers Jr. and Alyssa Marie Mejia Rogers in the house they once shared. An affidavit says a friend told police that Rogers on Sunday showed him the body in the freezer where he still lived.

The friend told police the retired machinist had confided in him about killing his wife, even grabbing the remains, smirking, and remarking that they were cold.

Police are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide. A medical examiner determined Rogers shot himself. Cause of the death was pending for the wife as police try to determine when she died.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the couple met online — she was from the Philippines — and they married two years ago.

The couple was going through a divorce, according to a friend who told police he had seen a body, in the freezer at the house.

The discovery of the deaths did not surprise some people who knew 66-year-old Edward Rogers, who had a long history of violence, according to CBS11.

Roger’s latest marriage to 24-year-old Alyssa Marie Mejia Rogers was volatile and often violent, according to estranged family members.

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Source: Inquirer