Christians in Colombia Denounce Attacks, Violence, and Threats Against the Church as They Try to Share the Gospel

Colombia celebrated its independence on July 20. However, freedom remains a distant dream for many Colombian Christians.

This year alone, Christians in Buenaventura, Colombia have seen eight violent attacks against Christians, two churches shattered, one murder and multiple cases of threats, extortion and abuse.

Due to its strategic position as a port with easy access to forests and fertile lands, Buenaventura has become one of the most desirable territories for paramilitary groups, guerrilla groups, criminal gangs and human trafficking leaders.

According to the Open Doors organization, in the midst of this hurricane of violence and conflict of interests, Christian leaders stand firm in the faith, calling people for sincere repentance and the opportunity for a new life in Christ.

These pastors preach an opportunity to change through the teachings of the Bible, and not through violence or firearms.

This message is not well received by the violent groups of the region, who do not hesitate to attack pastors and Christians. Often, they are taken from their churches and forced to participate in illegal activities.

Christian associations such as Open Doors and The Voice of the Martyrs, has documented many cases of religious persecution in south-west Colombia.

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SOURCE: Evangelical Focus