WATCH: Jim Denison Says the Divisiveness in America is a ‘Symptom of Broader Disagreements Over Moral Issues’

As a Christian, do you ever watch or read the news and find yourself frustrated? American culture is changing rapidly, and the Judeo-Christian principles that formed the bedrock of our nation are quickly falling out of fashion. Biblical values are abhorred and people of faith are mocked. In this context, it’s easy to ask, “What can I possibly do to make a difference?”

My Faith Votes recently talked with Dr. Jim Denison, founder of the Denison Forum. He’s an expert on culture and current events and aims to help Christians better understand the news so they can engage culture in a positive way.

Our conversation with Dr. Denison was wide-ranging, so take a few moments to watch the full interview.

Dr. Denison told us that the current divisiveness on display in America is, he believes, a symptom of a broader disagreement over major moral issues.

The Founders, he argues — even the ones who weren’t devout Christians — agreed there was an underlying consensual and cohesive moral foundation essential to a thriving democracy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jason Yates