Matt Queen of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on His Scariest Evangelism Encounter

Can you remember your scariest evangelism encounter? I remember mine as if it were yesterday.

A Southwestern student and I evangelized house to house, one block east of the campus here in Fort Worth, Texas. A man in the second house we visited received Christ as his Savior and Lord. Joy and excitement filled our hearts.

However, our joy gave way to fear after we arrived at the seventh house on the street.

A group of men had gathered at a truck parked in their driveway at the end of the workday. As they socialized about the day’s events, we approached them, introduced ourselves, and proceeded to tell them we were there to share with them how they could have peace with God through Jesus.

All the men began laughing at us as soon as we announced our intentions. The fear of ridicule had its effect. How could we recover the conversation for Christ?

I knew I had to reassert myself, so looking directly into the eyes of the biggest man of the group, I retorted, “Is that funny?” No sooner than the words left my mouth, my eyes looked down as he sat in the truck bed and I made a frightful discovery — a gun was on his lap. Fear overcame us.

“Funny?” I thought to myself. “You better hope this guy thinks it’s funny.”

Feigning ignorance yet filled with fear, I timidly asked him, pointing to the gun in his lap, “Are you going to shoot me with that?”

“No, man,” he replied, “this is a BB gun.”

As my fear gave way to confidence, I pleaded with him to place the BB gun behind him and to let me tell him about Jesus. He disarmed himself of the gun and I conveyed the Gospel to him.

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Source: Baptist Press