What’s Going on? Video Shows Mississippi Police Grabbing Black Motorist by the Neck During Violent Arrest

A black motorist was violently thrown to the ground and arrested by two Mississippi highway patrolmen after being pulled over, allegedly for speeding, a video taken by his fiancée and posted to Facebook appears to show.

“Detained for what?” Morton asks the trooper as Porsha Shields records the interaction on her cellphone. “Why am I being arrested?”

The trooper tells Morton that he was initially being detained for driving 101 mph in a 65 mph zone but now faces an additional charge of resisting arrest for refusing to put his hands behind his back.

“How, when you didn’t tell me that? You didn’t tell me that,” Morton says as he removes himself from the officer’s grip.

The patrolman immediately draws his weapon on Morton and orders him to get on the ground. Shields can be heard screaming to her fiancé, “Please. Don’t do that. Just wait until somebody comes.”

Moments later, a second officer pulls up in a patrol car.

“Get your fucking hands behind your back,” the second officer, who is also white, says as he lunges toward Morton and puts his hands around the motorist’s neck.

The two officers then throw Morton to the ground.

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Source: Huffington Post