Nepali Christians Distribute Aid and Solar-Powered Bibles to Survivors of Devastating Flooding as Death Toll Reaches 670

Rescue efforts continue this week as monsoon season kicks off in South Asia. The death toll stands at 670 so far across Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but many remain missing. Flooding affected more than 25 million people, the UN reports.

Floodwaters are receding now, but they covered entire villages several days ago. Landslides triggered by monsoon rains carried away people, homes, and livestock. World Mission’s Greg Kelley says national partners in Nepal send grim reports.

“They’re telling us about villages that they’re working in being wiped off the map; bodies are being washed away. [In] places where we planted churches, people are disappearing,” he recounts.

“[Monsoons are] just devastating in a place like Nepal because when it goes into a higher elevation in the mountains, it all just congregates. Then, it (water) comes just rushing down those rivers and anything in its path is destroyed.”

Even so, a silver lining remains. “When you combine India, Nepal, Bangladesh, we’re talking about some of the highest concentrated areas in the world where people have never heard about Jesus,” Kelley observes.

“These monsoons – as devastating as they are – it creates an unprecedented opportunity for the Church to do evangelism and share Jesus.  We need to step into this moment and take advantage of that.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth