Michael Brown: Why We Should be Christian First and Patriot Second

A wooden Christian cross laying on a holy Bible with an American flag background.

This article is not about President Trump. It is about us. About our behavior as followers of Jesus. About our words. About our attitudes. About our priorities.

It seems that many of us have lost sight of what it means to be Christian, as if anything now goes in the name of Jesus.

It seems that many of us now justify almost any kind of ugly rhetoric, as long as it is in the name of country and of God, seemingly in that order.

What has become of godly speech? Of civility? Of graciousness? Of respect? When did God send out the memo that it was now fine for His children to savage one another, to act like animals, to be cruel and cutting and nasty?

It’s one thing if the President sends out a tweet that I find objectionable. He is who he is, for better or for worse. And if he hasn’t changed his style to date, I’m not holding my breath. (Let’s not forget that, from his perspective, his style got him into the White House. Why change now?)

It’s another thing, though, when our comments sound like his, when we ridicule one another and degrade one another and insult one another. And we do this as followers of Jesus?

Of course, the moment I say this, I can hear the critics shouting, “You are so spineless! You are so weak! It’s because of wimps like you that we needed a man like Trump.”

My response to each critic is this: Don’t talk to me about weak. Don’t talk to me about spineless. I have risked my life for Jesus (literally) while preaching the gospel overseas. I have lost everything in the past because I would not compromise my convictions.

Every day our websites are flooded with hateful comments, and I have a file filled with death wishes, along with the occasional death threats.

It’s all because I’m going to speak the truth no matter what, regardless of cost or consequences.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown