Is the Church in America Asleep Regarding Persecution of Our Brothers and Sisters?

David Curry, head of Open Doors USA, penned an editorial for USA Today last month where he admonished American churches for not being more concerned about the worldwide persecution of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

For instance, in May, extremists in Nigeria—where The Tide®( ) global radio ministry has recorded and broadcast Gospel radio programming for more than 10 years—abducted 17 Christians right from their church choir practice. The believers are being ransomed, and the women could be sold into slavery, raped or worse.

This was just one of many attacks on Christians in Nigeria, where 3,731 Christians were killed last year, Curry said.

“If such violence had occurred in Nashville rather than Nigeria, it would dominate nightly news broadcasts and saturate social media feeds,” he wrote.

“American churches would be launching fundraising campaigns for victims’ families and addressing it in their weekly gatherings. In this case, however, the American church has barely acknowledged it. … American churches must do better.”

The Tide Director Don Shenk said one of the ministry’s goals is to raise awareness about Christian persecution worldwide, especially among American churchgoers.

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SOURCE: Assist News