Former Transgender Lesbian Drug Dealer Says Christians Should ‘Take Back the Rainbow’

In the Bible, the rainbow stands as a covenant between God and mankind. But for more than 40-years, the LGBT community has used the rainbow as a symbol of its movement. Now, one former transgender is on a mission to take it back.

Nichol Collins lived as a lesbian and drug dealer for 20 years.  But after a brutal attack she became a Christian and now stands up for God and her faith.

She went by the name Esco in the clubs and streets of Los Angeles, where she was known for partying and violence.

“My breaking point was as I was living as a transgender, lesbian drug dealer in Los Angeles, I was attacked by a man from behind with a hammer, and all glory to God, miraculously I suffered no injury,” she tells CBN News. “And so I tell people that God literally used that to knock some sense into me.”

Collins says while surrendering her life to God, leaving her old lifestyle was not easy.

“It took me seven months to come out of men’s clothes,” she explains. “I didn’t just jump into dresses right away and my hair was bald and so all my hair has grown back today but I didn’t always feel so beautiful. I felt very awkward, but as I submitted myself to God, he began to beautify me with salvation.”

After breaking free, Collins says God gave her a mandate to restore the Biblical standing of the rainbow which the gay rights movement claims as its symbol.

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Source: CBN