British Airways Exhibition Showcases Robotic Air Stewardesses, Never-Ending Flights Circling the Planet, and Self-packing Luggage

They may look like sketches from a sci-fi film – but these futuristic images are in fact a glimpse of what air travel could look like in the coming decades.

The series of photographs, which feature in a British Airways exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery, are inspired by a study undertaken by BA into the future of flyingcould look like in the coming decades.

One image includes a robotic air stewardess, who’s able to interpret every passengers’ needs through emotional analysis and cater to this by bringing each person what they need before they’ve even asked.

The AI, known as AVII, would produce a log for the cabin crew based on individual personal requirements, enabling them to build a stronger relationship with each traveller and deliver intuitive service.

Another set of images reveals potential plans for Curio, a hypersonic aircraft – meaning it exceeds the speed of sound – which circumnavigates the world, collecting travellers from ‘’megacities’ as it flies.

Numerous smaller modular crafts would transport customers from their own homes in each of those megacities directly to the larger aircraft, all interlocking into assigned compartments.

The BA study and exhibition doesn’t stop at flying technology, with various weird and wonderful ideas for the future of luggage also included.

In one example, we are told that in 2050, a sphere-shaped device will use nanotechnology, soft robotics and bio tech developments that are currently in their embryonic stage at labs around the world, ‘AER’ will pack your belongings for you, organising them into three categories: biodegradable, fragile and compressible.

It will then use generative design to autonomously pack your items in the most efficient manner and allow owners to simply touch the section of the carrier that you wish to open and using a DNA scanning technology that identifies the owner, the carrier will open.

To double check everything is inside, run your hand over the carrier and watch as the cover transforms from opaque to transparent. Once you’re ready to go, the carrier will transport itself to the airline pick-up point and meet you at your final destination.

Using its shape-shifting features it will change its physical form to suit the environment, while protecting all your belongings.

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Source: Daily Mail