After 10 Years ‘Somebody Cares Baltimore’ Continues to Equip Thousands to be Missionaries in Baltimore and Hosts Biannual “Day of Hope” to Pray for People and Give Out Free Groceries and Medical Checkups

(Somebody Cares Baltimore)

As the city of Baltimore is caught in the crossfire of political and social media banter this week, Somebody Cares Baltimore, a chapter of Somebody Cares America, continues to bring hope and connect people to much needed resources on a daily basis, as it has done for the past 10 years through a collaboration of the church, business and law enforcement communities.

On July 27, SCB hosted an annual Day of Hope event in Bocek Park, the first of two this summer. The second Day of Hope will be on Aug. 10 at Frederick Douglass High School.

“Day of Hope is a one-day special community event that is designed to meet both human and spiritual needs of our residents,” says SC Baltimore Director Matt Stevens. “It is an all-out lavishing and saturating of schools and communities with prayer and acts of kindness.”

Going to the most violent and impoverished areas, Day Of Hope has mobilized thousands throughout the years to serve more than 20,000 residents in 14 different Baltimore city neighborhoods. In a festival atmosphere with music, food, and prize give-aways, kids play games and jump on moon-bounces while their parents receive free groceries and visit with service providers, from doctors to bankers to community resource representatives. They can get their blood pressure checked, learn how to avoid foreclosure, and receive information on programs that can help set them up for success. At the prayer tent, which is manned by local churches, people receive prayer and learn about Jesus.

“The events of the day draw people in, but we desire to see ongoing life change for them as they learn more about Jesus and discover tools to help them,” says the SCB office.

Each Day of Hope is staffed by over 300 volunteers from churches as well as the community. Somebody Cares chapters from New England, Houston and San Antonio also participate. Mark Roye, director of SC San Antonio, brought the Holy Smoke Grill Team for the July 27 Day of Hope and cooked up 1,000 pounds of chicken. “It was a great day of serving and sharing the Love of Jesus,” he said.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Doug Stringer