Randal Rauser: Why God Can’t be Compared to the Tooth Fairy

A few days ago, I posted the following tweet:

“Every time I hear an atheist compare belief in God to belief in the ‘tooth fairy’ I get more evidence for my observation that atheists don’t even understand what they are rejecting.”

The tweet elicited several responses from atheists. Predictably, those included folks that defended the analogy by insisting that there is literally no evidence for the existence of God: none at all. For example,

“When theory and observation meet, we call that evidence. The tooth fairy has no theory and no evidence. God has theory but no evidence.”

“Maybe if there was more evidence for God than there was for the Tooth Fairy then we wouldn’t make that comparison.”

I wouldn’t bother to point out statements like these if they were anomalous, but the fact is that they are quite common among atheists. And the ignorance, hubris, and glaring brazenness of such statements should once and for all put the lie to the silly notion that self-described secular atheists are somehow more rational and carefully critical in evaluating evidence than their religious and theistic neighbors.

So here’s how things usually go at this point. A theist will point out that there is an unimaginably vast literature of reasons and arguments that provide evidence for the existence of God.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Randal Rauser