Michael Brown: Netflix Declares It’s ‘Here and Queer’

In a letter sent by Netflix to leaders of a Straight Pride event, the internet giant said, “You should know that we’re unafraid of bullies. Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.”

Netflix, we hear you loud and clear! You are here and you are queer.

Apparently, the organizers of a Straight Pride parade in Boston had listed Netflix as a potential sponsor, even using the Netflix logo, something the clearly pro-LGBT company did not take lightly.

As reported by PinkNews, “Netflix sent a cease-and-desist order to Super Happy Fun America, the group organising the [Straight Pride] parade, which has several ties with far-right and white nationalist organisations.”

The Straight Pride organizers responded with a post titled, “Netflix Hates the Straight.” In it, they accused Netflix of being a “heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry.”

They added, “Obviously, Netflix has no qualms about using their position of power to threaten marginalized groups who are exercising their 1st amendment rights.  It appears that their legal department is staffed by gay supremacists who are so accustomed to privilege that our goal of equality for straights feels like oppression to them.  In fact, it is Netflix that is acting like a bully.  We have every right to inform the public about our attempts to gain sponsors for our parade and their hate will not stop us.”

Personally, I have no interest in the Straight Pride parade, and none of my pro-family colleagues are involved with it.

That being said, it is clear that Netflix is the bully here. And it is even clearer that Netflix is proudly queer.

As to Netflix saying “we’re unafraid of bullies,” that would be like the United States military saying to the army of Haiti (perhaps 200 strong?), “We’re not afraid of you! We’re not intimidated by bullies!”

Netflix has a reported annual income of more than $17 billion, whereas the Straight Pride budget can only be in the thousands (and I would imagine low thousands rather than high thousands). Yet the Straight Pride organizers, with their silly name (“Super Happy Fun America”) are the bullies. Right.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown