Abortionist Who Demonstrates Process on Papayas Says ‘It’s Even More Satisfying When It’s a Real Abortion’

Papayas are a delicious tropical fruit enjoyed by millions of Americans, but for abortion doctors, they’re also a great way to teach medical students and the general public about abortion.

The use of papayas in abortion classes began around 2005, when two professors at the University of California, San Francisco, published a paper noting the similarities in size between a papaya and a uterus, Vice.com reported. Papayas, the professors argued, could benefit medical students and nurses in training.

But now abortion doctors are holding papaya workshops for the general public – not with the goal of teaching the population how to perform abortion but instead with the aim to “demystify and destigmatize” abortion, Vice said.

Vice writer Marie Solis attended such a workshop for the public in New York City. It was hosted by abortion doctor Zoey Thill.

“Thill said she wanted to educate people about what an abortion procedure entails – information she believes shouldn’t belong only to doctors – to help combat fear, misinformation, and stigma,” Solis wrote.

Different parts of the papaya represent specific parts of the uterus.

“The narrow part of the papaya, where the stem would be, is like the cervix, [Thill] said. The broader portion of the papaya is like the upper area of the uterus known as the fundus – and it’s that part we would want to avoid puncturing with our tools,” Solis wrote.

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Source: Christian Headlines