There’s a Devil Loose: Police Say North Texas Man Set Car & Home on Fire to Keep Woman & Children From Escaping

A man has been arrested after police say he set a car and parts of a home on fire in an attempt to keep a woman and her children from escaping the flames.

This all happened in Fort Worth, at about 4 a.m. on Saturday.

Police say Courtney Smith set a car, and the two doors of a Hulen Park Circle home on fire.

The Fort Worth Fire Department’s quick response prevented what could have been something much worse.

Investigators say the victim is still a bit shaken up, but grateful no one was hurt.

With the help of SWAT and Arlington police, the 39-year-old was taken into custody Sunday morning.

Glass and what’s left of a charred vehicle remain outside a Fort Worth home, in what fire officials say was from an act of arson.

“This is obviously something that does not happen on a regular basis, but our crews did a phenomenal job,” said Mike Drivdahl, with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Arlington police arrested Courtney Smith early Sunday morning at a home on Switchgrass Road.

Investigators say he was involved in a domestic disturbance Friday, and he then intentionally set a woman’s car on fire early Saturday morning.

They also say he set fire to the main entrances of her home, all in efforts to keep the woman and her children, which he knew were inside, from getting out.

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Source: Fox4News