New British PM Boris Johnson Urged to Follow Through On Government Pledge to Make the Protection of Persecuted Christians a Priority of UK Foreign Policy

Release International is urging Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to follow through on the government’s recent pledge to make protecting persecuted Christians the heart of UK foreign policy.

Andrew Boyd, writing for says Release, which upholds the freedom of Christians around the world, congratulated the new PM on his appointment. Release also reminded Mr Johnson that last week the government accepted in full recommendations to protect Christians from growing persecution.

Christians are now the world’s most persecuted faith group, suffering 80 per cent of all religious persecution, according to the Bishop of Truro’s recent report, which has been accepted in full by the government. Another major report also confirms that Christian persecution is rising.

In his open letter to the new PM, Release CEO Paul Robinson offers Mr Johnson his “warmest congratulations” on his appointment.

He writes: “According to the annual Pew Report Christians face harassment in a staggering 143 countries. The report uncovered a record increase in restrictions on religion imposed by many governments around the world. It also found violence and harassment against religious groups were on the rise.

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SOURCE: Assist News