Turkey Sends 1,000 Syrian Refugees Back to an Unstable Homeland

Another country tells Syrian refugees to “go home” despite ongoing instability. Over the past week, Turkey sent roughly 1,000 Syrian refugees to a province held by rebel and militant forces. The transfer comes as talks stall between U.S. and Turkish officials about setting up “safe zones” within Syria.

Meanwhile, some experts say a recent attack proves the Islamic State still has a presence in Syria.  The terrorists target Christians – those who’ve stayed, and those who are returning. Middle East Concern’s Miles Windsor says Da’esh – the Arabic acronym for Islamic State – claimed a July 11 car bombing outside a church in a Christian neighborhood.

“There are at least 12 people who were injured, some critically injured,” Windsor says. “These are attempts to intimidate the Christian community.

“The reality is that Da’esh – whilst militarily defeated – the ideology [still] exists and they maintain some presence.”

According to Reuters, most of Turkey’s 3.6 million Syrian refugees live in provinces near the Turkey-Syria border; Istanbul alone holds more than a half-million. However, as the Associated Press reports, “between 600 and 1,500 Syrians were wrongfully returned to Syria from Istanbul in the last week.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth