Pastor Matt Miklasz Says Multiple Cancer Diagnoses Have Brought Him Closer to God

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

‘Pastor Matt Miklasz has not only faced trials; he’s in the midst of them right now. One of his sons was born with a heart defect that required more than one surgery. Several years ago, Miklasz himself received a diagnosis of LGL leukemia, and in 2015, during a routine colonoscopy, doctors discovered he also had colorectal cancer. On the “Hope Through Cancer” podcast on Charisma News, he shares that just one week ago, physicians at Mayo Clinic told him about another tumor, this time on his liver.

But Miklasz faces his trials with faith—and the honesty to admit his fears. In fact, his cancer journey has changed his prayer life. “The Psalms are filled … with conversations with God that were real, honest,” he says. Prior to his experiences with cancer, Miklasz thought about his doubts and fears, but “I didn’t give voice to them in my prayer life. And boy, was I missing out,” he says.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Marti Pieper