Lutheran Church Affirms Its Traditional, Biblical Stance Against Gender Identity Confusion and Same-sex Attraction

The 67th Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, taking place in Tampa, Florida on July 20-25, 2019. | Facebook/National LCMS Convention

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod overwhelmingly passed a resolution reaffirming its traditional, biblical stance on gender identity and sexual orientation, while also calling for churches to “minister compassionately” to people who identify as LGBT.

At the LCMS’ 67th Regular Convention in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday, Resolution 11-03A, titled “To Encourage Synod to Develop Resources to Aid Congregations and Schools regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues,” passed with 96.8% of the vote.

Among its points, the resolution reaffirmed “the biblical truth that God created humanity as male and female” and commended people who “continue to live chaste and decent lives in repentant faith” in spite of “same-sex attraction and gender identity confusion.”

It also condemned “acts of abuse” against LGBT individuals and called upon churches to “minister compassionately” to people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Floor Committee 11 Chairman, the Rev. Terry Forke, president of the LCMS Montana District, said that issues of sexual orientation and gender identity “are in people’s lives every single day.”

“They don’t know how to handle it, they’re afraid,” said Forke, as quoted by “So we thought it was very important to encourage our people to recognize these issues as a way to demonstrate the love of Christ to people who are lost and confused and need a word of help.”

As the LGBT movement continues to hold wide acceptance in mainstream American culture, some theologically conservative churches are making strides to clarify their stance on the matter.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski