1,100-Pound 6-Ft. Dinosaur Bone Discovered in France

Now, this is one bone you don’t want to pick with.

Paleontologists have unearthed a 140-million-year-old dinosaur bone, 6.5 feet in length, weighing 1,100 pounds in France. The thigh bone was discovered in Charente, an area that dates back 140 million years and has been a treasure trove for archaeologists in the past.

“This is a major discovery,” Ronan Allain, a paleontologist at the National History Museum of Paris said in an interview with Reuters. “I was especially amazed by the state of preservation of that femur.”

“These are animals that probably weighed 40 to 50 tons,” Allain added.

More than 7,500 fossils have been found in Charente since 2010, including those from 40 different species. It’s unclear exactly what sauropod the bone belongs to just yet, but the group includes brachiosaurus and brontosaurus, seen famously in “Jurassic Park.”

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SOURCE: Fox News, Chris Ciaccia