YouTube Blocks Ad for Veterans Ministry Because it Included the Word ‘Christian’

A Christian speaker and former Special Operations marine says YouTube has censored an ad for his ministry to veterans.

Chad Robichaux said the word “Christian” was deemed a violation of YouTube’s policy. The notice from YouTube said, “The following keywords violate Google Ads advertising policies. Please remove the unacceptable content to continue.”

The word identified was “Christian.”

“We ran a @YouTube ad for our veterans ministry outreach for those in need & it was denied for the word “Christian,” Robichaux wrote on his Twitter account. “Insane! #Censorship should terrify every American; conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim. This bias is a dangerous course for America,” he added.

Robichaux, who heads the Mighty Oaks Foundation, said he tested the Google Ad by trying to use the word “Muslim.” Unlike the word “Christian,” Robichaux said that the word “Muslim” was accepted.

“That said, Muslim or any religious belief should be approved equally,” he said. “Yet, clearly a bias.”

He told Breitbart News that censoring the word “Christian” is “absolutely crippling.”

YouTube responded to these allegations noting that they do not allow advertisers to target people based on their religious affiliations.

YouTube wrote on Twitter, “We know that religious beliefs are personal, so we don’t allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion. Beyond that, we don’t have policies against advertising that includes religious terms like ‘Christian’.”

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Source: Christian Headlines