WATCH – There’s a Devil Loose: Shocking Video Shows the Moment a Vicious Gang Kick and Punch a California Couple in Their Own Driveway After Being Asked to Leave

Shocking footage shows the moment a California couple were attacked in their driveway by a gang of youths who began fighting on their property.The incident happened at around 11.30 pm on Sunday night along the 900 block of Henry Long Drive in the Weston Ranch area. Stockton police said that a group of unknown individuals assaulted a man and woman in the neighborhood. Police said there were around four to five male and female suspects involved in the assault. The couple, who did not give their names, spoke about how the terrifying incident unfolded as they were taking trash outside and were set upon by the vicious gang. The female victim, a mother-of-four, was kicked and punched in the head and face multiple times.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail / CBS Sacramento