‘Set Free Ministries’ Offers Ugandans Discipleship and Education and Helps Put Witch Doctors Out of Business

Flickr: Sudan witch doctor
Credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran

A Ugandan pastor recently issued an international call for help. Speaking before Australia’s parliament, Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga red-flagged the rise of child sacrifices in his country and asked officials to take action. Uganda’s government lacks funding to properly address the issue, according to Australia-based ABC News.

Set Free Ministries’ Dean VanderMey says witch doctors are behind the crisis. “Witch doctors actually kidnap children… for the bloodletting,” he states.

“There’s not only animals being sacrificed, but there’s actual children being sacrificed.”

What’s going on in Uganda?

Local believers invited Set Free Ministries to Uganda in 2004, and they began working with kids and churches in 2005. They’ve seen firsthand the power witch doctors hold over communities.

“There’s a witch doctor for every 11 to 12 people depending on what region you’re in. They hold everything through fear and intimidation,” VanderMey says.

Soon after Set Free began working in Uganda, VanderMey queried a group of local pastors during a conference. “I hear it’s customary when you have a child that you have two weeks…before the witch doctors demand you bring your child in for dedication. If you don’t, they will curse you and your child gets sick,” he remembers discussing with the men present.

“Have all of you had your children dedicated by the witch doctors?”

VanderMey says each man in the group bowed his head in shame. Pastors felt powerless and afraid of the witch doctors’ abilities.

“Every pastor there had allowed their children to be dedicated to Satan.”

Set Free and its partnering churches give kids and their families an alternative.

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth