Islamic Extremists Use Social Media to Persecute Christians

Extremists in Middle Eastern countries have found a new way to target those who believe in Jesus through social media.

According to Open Doors USA, a nonprofit persecution watch group, terrorists hack into Christian’s Facebook accounts and post blasphemous messages against Islam to their feeds. Because criticism of Islam is against the law, these believers are arrested or experience heavy persecution.

An example is a 26-year-old Christian man named Fady Youssef Todary, who lives in Egypt. When he logged into his account, he discovered a message that he didn’t write on his Facebook account. He quickly posted a video explaining that his account had been hacked.

But the damage had been done and almost 100 people attacked his family’s home in Minya, south of Cairo. His parents successfully evaded the mob, but the home and all inside of it was destroyed. Police quickly calmed down the group, arresting some of the attackers. However, a few days later, the police returned to arrest Todary, his 19-year-old brother, and two of his uncles.

Todary’s family members have since been released, but Todary still waits for his trial.

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Source: Christian Headlines