What’s Going On? White Former Principal Sues Her School District for $5million After Claiming She Was Fired Because a Black Person Wanted Her Job

A former principle is suing her school district for $5 million after claiming she was fired because a black person took her job.

Shannon Blick, 39, had run Lawton Elementary School in Ann Arbor for five years before being placed on administrative leave in April and effectively having to resign.

The lawsuit also claims Blick was barred from entering the school, which three of her children attend.

Blick is alleging she was the victim of racial discrimination and a conspiracy to favor black administrators.

According to Blick’s attorney William Tishkoff, she is seeking to serve as principal, as well as get compensation for lost wages and distress.

‘White people have rights,’ said Tishkoff, according to USA Today. ‘So yeah, this is a reverse [discrimination] case. Right now, it’s very timely in terms of what’s happening in our country.’

A complaint recently filed in U.S. District Court states Blick had served at the school since 2013.