WATCH: Tragic Moment Wife Tries to Shield Her Husband Just Moments Before Speeding Tesla Hits Them in San Francisco While Celebrating Their Third Wedding Anniversary

Kelly and Benjamin Dean

Tragic dashcam footage shows the moment a wife tries to shield her husband from a speeding Tesla just seconds before the out-of-control vehicle hit them and killed him.

Clovis couple Kelly Dean and her husband Benjamin Dean were crossing the street at the intersection of Taylor and O’Farrell Streets on Sunday around 2pm, when the Tesla ran a red light and violently zoomed towards them.

Devastating dashcam footage from an Uber car nearby shows the moment the couple lock eyes on the Tesla hurtling towards them and Kelly puts her arm out to shield her husband from the incoming impact.

The Tesla then hits the couple sending both of them into the air and killing 39-year-old Benjamin.

The vehicle was driving at least 45 mph, 15 to 20 mph above the posted speed limit, as it was heading northbound on Taylor Street. After hitting the couple the Tesla crashed into an unattended, parked vehicle and came to a halt on the sidewalk, cops say.

Kelly survived the attack and as of Monday evening was in the San Francisco General hospital in critical condition, according to ABC.

The couple were in San Francisco celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

Witnesses on the scene ran to the couple’s aid and found Kelly bleeding and unresponsive.

‘She was incoherent, gurgling noises, she was on her stomach with her head off to one side,’ said to the outlet. ‘I could see a lot of blood coming from her head and we just kept talking to her, talking to her.’

The driver of that rented Tesla, 21-year-old Kelsey Cambridge of Vallejo, was arrested on Sunday. She was booked into jail for involuntary vehicular manslaughter and running a red light.

The crash took place in the neighborhood of Tenderloin, which has seen a spike in pedestrian fatalities this year, according to San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney.

‘We are in a crisis, we are in a state of emergency and it’s time that the city recognize that,’ Haney said.

‘Speed is the number one killer,’ Jodie Medeiros, the executive director of Walk San Francisco, a pedestrian advocacy organization said.

It’s not clear if the Tesla was in autonomous self-driving mode.

IBTimes reported that if the car was in self-driving mode, this accident would be the third involving a Tesla killing a pedestrian, according to government records.

The Tesla driver was not hurt and was interviewed near the scene by police.

Police say Cambridge was cooperating with them and that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor.

It’s not clear how she got the car, which was rented on the app called Getaround, but states that drivers must be at least 25 years old to rent specialty cars like a Tesla.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Marlene Lenthang