Philadelphia Foster Mothers Ask Supreme Court to End City’s Discrimination Against Religious Agencies Because of Biblical Views on Marriage

(Image credit: Becket)

After two federal courts ruled against them, two Philadelphia foster mothers and Catholic Social Services are now turning to the US Supreme Court to protect the agency that has brought so many families together for more than 100 years.

The city of Philadelphia is threatening to close one of its most successful foster care agencies because it disagrees with their religious views on marriage—and foster kids are paying the price.

Becket, a non-profit public-interest law firm, on Monday, asked the high court to hear the case on behalf of Sharonell Fulton, Toni Simms-Busch, and Catholic Social Services.

As CBN News reported in April, a federal appeals court upheld a new Philadelphia city policy that forbids Catholic Social Services from placing foster children with families due to the agency’s longstanding biblical beliefs.

Catholic Social Services has been serving the foster children of Philadelphia and their families since 1917, long before the city got involved.  Last year, the city threatened to close the agency because it disagreed with the agency’s biblical definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, even though not one LGBTQ couple had applied with the agency.

Fulton, a single mother who has fostered more than 40 children in 26 years, joined other foster parents licensed through Catholic Social Services to file a lawsuit against the city.

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Source: CBN