New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Reveals the Queen Told Him ‘I Don’t Know Why Anyone Would Want the Job’ During their Buckingham Palace Meeting

Boris Johnson with the Queen at Downing Street this afternoon, where she invited him to form a Government

Boris Johnson reportedly blurted out details of his first private meeting with the Queen within minutes of becoming Prime Minister today.

The incoming premier is said to have loudly told Downing Street staff the monarch said ‘I don’t know why anyone would want the job’ during official audience, as he entered No 10 for the first time.

Revealing private discussions with the head of state is a major breach of royal protocol.

In 2014 then prime minister David Cameron apologised to the Queen after he was caught boasting she had ‘purred down the line’ when he called to tell her Scotland had rejected independence.

Mr Cameron was said to be ‘deeply embarrassed’ after he was inadvertently caught on camera discussing the Queen’s reaction to the referendum.

Mr Johnson was warned not to speak so loudly by staff in Downing Street after noisily making the revelation, Euronews reported.

Mr Cameron made his unguarded remarks while in New York.

The astonishing slip came as he chatted with billionaire US media mogul Michael Bloomberg at a trade event.

Mr Cameron appeared to be unaware that his conversation with the former New York mayor was being picked up by the microphone of a camera, which was filming the two men walking into the meeting.

Mr Cameron, smiling broadly, could be heard saying: ‘The definition of relief, if you are Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is ringing up Her Majesty the Queen and saying, “Your Majesty, it is all right, it’s OK.” That was something. That’s relief. She purred down the line.’

The Prime Minister then seems to say: ‘I’ve never, I’ve never heard someone tear up like that … grateful.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, David Wilcock