Here We Go: University of Arizona Gender Studies Professor Says Women Who Believe Men Cannot Become Women Are Similar to the Ku Klux Klan

In December 1924, Ku Klux Klan members paraded in Madison, Wis., to attend the funeral of a slain police officer. The photo has been misidentified online as Klansmen headed to the 1924 Democratic National Convention in New York. (Wisconsin Historical Society.)

A gender studies professor argued that women who believe men cannot become women are similar to the Ku Klux Klan.

University of Arizona professor Susan Stryker likened feminists who object to the idea that males can become women on the basis of self-declared “gender identity” to white supremacists, according to Inside Higher Ed. Transgender activists routinely refer to such feminists as trans-exclusionary radical feminists or TERFs.

“If womanhood is ‘a restricted country,’ Stryker said, referring to writer Joan Nestle, “Who says what those restrictions shall be? Who is womanhood for? How does one become its citizen?”

Stryker continued that while no bounds should exist on academic inquiry, “what I see in the TERF wars is not disinterested academic inquiry.”

“It’s more akin to white supremacists wanting to propagandize other whites about foreigners, where the position of foreigners in the conversation has been deemed illegitimate in advance.”

Natasha Chart, board chair of Women’s Liberation Front, a radical feminist organization, said in an email to The Christian Post Tuesday that no one truly does not know what a woman is, citing as evidence several examples of discrimination women as a class has faced.

“When women couldn’t vote, play sports, attend college, or take out credit except with the permission of their father or husband, everyone knew what a woman was, and no men publicly threatened suicide if they couldn’t suffer the same restrictions. When women could be arrested for indecency for wearing pants in public, everyone knew what a woman was. When there were no women’s restrooms or changing rooms, keeping us out of public life, everyone knew what women and men were,” Chart explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter