Can This Smart Pillow Help You Relax?

AT THEIR CORE, meditation pillows are merely designated cushions to comfortably plop down upon while you ohmmmm, designed to keep a bony butt or spine from getting sore. In the ever-growing health and wellness market, they’re completely overshadowed by popular apps like Calm and Headspace that provide anywhere access to meditation, guiding you through customized relaxation sessions while on the go.

Still, it may be time to revisit the pillow, a better spot for finding inner peace than a crowded subway platform. So argue the creators behind Wave Meditation, a cushy new service that pairs custom music and the sort of guidance other apps offer with a smart pillow that soothingly pulses to the beats, creating an “immersive at-home experience” to ground your meditation ($199, plus $10/mo. for the subscription,

Wave’s pillow smartly connects to its subscription smartphone app via Bluetooth, offering a variable selection of 10-20 minute experiences crafted to help energize you before you take on the day or to help wind you down before you knock out. You listen to each experience via included noise-canceling headphones that plug into a neon auxiliary input next to the pillow’s power button.

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SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal, Rae Witte