Barnabas Fund’s “Operation Safe Havens” Program Helps Over 100 Middle Eastern Christians Find Refuge in Australia

“Dwura” and her family arrived safely in Australia, with help from Operation Safe Havens

More than 100 Middle Eastern Christians in constant danger of violence or even death have already been flown in 2019 to Australia, with help from Barnabas Fund, where they have been given the government’s permission to settle.

The BarnabasAid ministry says that by the end of June, Barnabas Fund’s Operation Safe Havens had enabled 25 Christian families to escape anti-Christian persecution after the Australian government agreed to grant them visas.

The twenty-sixth family was that of Iraqi Christian housewife “Dwura” and her story is a prime example of the relentless persecution that led the Australian government to step in and help these people start afresh in an environment of peace and stability.

“Dwura” and her family, safely arrived in Australia, with help from Operation Safe Havens.

BarnabasAid says the date May 31, 2006 is seared on Dwura’s memory. On this day her brother-in-law was gunned down by terrorists in an industrial area of Mosul, the ancient Biblical city of Nineveh. The terrorists asked him for his identity card and, when they saw he was a Christian, shot him in the head and chest.

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SOURCE: Assist News