3 Men Arrested After New York City Police Were Doused With Water in Two Separate Weekend Incidents

Three men, including one known gang member, are in custody after New York City officers on patrol were doused with water over the weekend.

Shocking footage emerged of groups of young people dumping water on the police officers in two separate incidents in Brooklyn and Harlem.

In one of the videos, officers in Harlem on Sunday are seen handcuffing a man at a vehicle while about five other men gather around them.

The men toss water from buckets on the arresting officers. At one point, a shirtless man behind the officers throws an empty red bucket. The crowd behind can be heard laughing and cheering as it hits one of the officers in the head.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, several teens were seen soaking two other officers with water.

During the incident, one male teen is seen throwing the bucket of water on one of the cops as they walk.

It’s unclear if the officers were looking for someone when the incident happened as they continue walking toward a store. As they walk, another teen kid runs up behind the second officer and dumps the bucket on his head.

Both officers appear to be drenched as they calmly walked back to their patrol car.