Texas Pastor Scott Riling Loses His Oldest Daughter, Son-in-Law, and Two-Month-Old Grandson After Car Crash in Israel

Sophie and Itay Rosetsky

A Texas pastor is now grieving after losing his oldest daughter, her 2-month-old son as well as his son-in-law after a tragic crash that occurred as his daughter was feeding her newborn on the side of a road in Gedera, Israel.

Steven Miori, a communications representative of the multi-campus Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, confirmed with The Christian Post that their pastor of discipleship, Scott Riling, is now racked with grief in the Holy Land after losing his 27-year-old daughter, Sophie Riling Rosetsky, and his grandson, Itay, on July 11. His son-in-law, Rodrigo Rosetsky, 35, who was an officer in the Israeli Air Force, died on Saturday after being critically injured in the accident and placed in an induced coma.

“Sophie married Israeli soldier Rodrigo. They’ve been living in Israel. They got in a very bad car accident and Sophie and their boy Itay were both killed in the accident and Rodrigo went into a coma and he actually passed away a couple days ago,” Miori told The Christian Post Monday.

“Their other child, Ruthie, who was left unharmed, thankfully, is now left without parents and without her brother. It’s a pretty tragic situation. Scott is in Israel. They had the memorial service for Sophie and Itay a few days ago and they had Rodrigo’s service I believe yesterday and he’s still over there.”

According to Kehila News Israel, police theorize that on the day of the accident, the pastor’s daughter and her family had pulled over safely and were parked on the side of the road so she could breastfeed the baby. A truck then allegedly crossed several lanes and hit the family’s car, which was on the shoulder, and dragged it several meters.

One friend of Sophie’s in Israel recalled her strong faith.

“She was an amazing woman who loved her children and loved her husband, her family, respected everyone and was so caring,” the friend who was not identified said. “She loved to tend to her garden and talk about it. We had so much to talk about when we would meet about homeschooling our children. The last time we met I told her we will talk more about homeschooling next time … I’m so sad that we won’t get to meet like I wanted to.”

Family friend Angie Baker Dugi, who is a former congregant of Riling’s, said the family told Ruthie last Tuesday that her mother and brother had died.

“Our hearts break… The family just told Ruthie that her mommy and baby brother are in heaven. Pray for little Ruthie and that God’s peace like a river would flow over every member of this family in Israel and in Texas. I pray that each one feels His tangible presence in the wake of this devastating tragedy,” she wrote on Facebook.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair