St. Petersburg, Florida, City Council Candidate Chico Cromartie Says ‘to Hell With Gay Pride’

Chico Cromartie is running for District 7 City Council. [Photo courtesy of Chico Cromartie]
Chico Cromartie says homosexuality is a choice.

He doesn’t honor the Pride flag, promises he won’t bow to “their agenda” and thinks the LGBTQ community is thriving in St. Petersburg at the expense of the black community.

And he’s running for City Council in one of the state’s most gay-friendly cities.

“It makes me more popular as a leader,” he said of his beliefs. “Because people understand I’m going to lead based on American principles. Not because they choose to be a homosexual.”

Cromartie is running for District 7, which borders Gulfport, one of three candidates challenging incumbent Lisa Wheeler-Bowman. The primary is Aug. 27, and two candidates will move on to the Nov. 5 general election. The race is non-partisan.

Cromartie, 47, broadcasts his views on his Facebook page, which features messages of homage to President Donald Trump and disdain toward the LGBTQ community.


Many posts occurred within a few days of St. Pete Pride, the weekend of June 22.

“I hear you south St. Pete! Finally we have a leader who’s not afraid to say, ‘Too (sic) hell with gay pride & their flag,” read a post from June 23.

A post on LinkedIn on June 21 titled “Discrimination Guidelines” says rules prohibiting discrimination should not protect sexuality because it is a choice.

The American Psychological Association says “most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

Cromartie, who is black, says the LGTBQ community in St. Petersburg is benefiting at the expense of the black community and taxpayers. He criticized the council, which has three openly gay members.

“The idea that the homosexuals should be considered to receive taxpayer dollars, based on the fact that they choose to be a homosexual, to me is not fair to the other citizens who choose not to be homosexual,” he said. “And if I’m elected, I’m going to dismantle all those policies.”

He pointed to a resolution the council passed last month that includes LGBTQ-owned businesses in a study of city contracts, which was focused on woman-owned and black-owned businesses. The resolution allocates no money to any businesses. Cromartie could not identify any policy that doles out tax dollars based on sexuality.

On Facebook, Cromartie portrays black leaders as selling out to the gay community. On June 22, the day of the Tech Data St. Pete Pride Parade, Cromartie wrote: “Wondering why your so called black leaders are quiet right now? They’re at the gay parade pledging allegiance to Pride for a few $.”

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Source: Tampa Bay Times