Karl Vaters: When the Small Church Pastor’s Biggest Critic is in the Mirror

Image: Fares Hamouche | Unsplash

Small churches and their pastors seldom get the credit they deserve.

Including from small church pastors ourselves.

Yes, it’s true. Often the biggest critics of small churches and the people who pastor them are staring at us in our mirror.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

Too many small church pastors are living under a burden of self-hatred that we’re ashamed to admit.

We wonder what we must be doing wrong because our church isn’t growing. So we try the latest church growth method, only to see it fail. Then we get angry at ourselves for failing, and at the church growth movement for building our hopes up only to let us down. Again.

We feel belittled, undervalued and ignored, often by the very people we look to for validation and help.

We spend so much time and emotional energy being angry at our churches, our denominations, other pastors and other churches. But mostly at ourselves.

Get Off Our Own Backs

Our biggest problem isn’t with others. It’s in us.

So here’s my word for all my peers in small church ministry. It’s a hard word, but it’s necessary and spoken in love and concern.

Small church pastors can’t get mad at others for looking down on us when we keep looking down on ourselves.

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Source: Christianity Today