Berkeley City Council Removes ‘Man’ from Terms Such as ‘Manpower’ and ‘Manhole’ in Favor of Non-Gendered Words

The city of Berkeley is scrapping the word “man” from words like “manpower” and “manhole,” eliminating “any gender preference language” within the municipal code.

Words like “she” and “he” will now be replaced with “they,” the new measure, which was approved last week, stipulates. Terms like “manpower” and “manhole” have been altered to “workforce” and “maintenance hole,” multiple reports say.

“Fireman” or “firewoman” will now be the non-gendered “firefighter.” “Heirs” will now be called “beneficiaries.” Instead of “craftsmen,” the city code will now say “craftspeople” or “artisans.”

On page eight of the Berkeley gender neutral language ordinance it is noted that other phrases commonly found in the existing code like “men and women” is to be replaced with “people” and the former phrase “the masculine pronoun includes the feminine” has now been changed to “words referring to a specific gender may be extended to any other gender.”

Councilman Rigel Robinson, who is 23 and a recent graduate of UC-Berkeley, was the sponsor of the ordinance, and said he spent his university years expanding his knowledge of gender.

“Gender-neutral language creates a lot of room to acknowledge that it’s not just men running the country,” Robinson said.

“As society and our cultures become more aware about issues of gender identity and gender expression, it’s important that our laws reflect that,” he said. “Women and non-binary people are just as deserving of accurate representation.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter