What’s Going on? Confrontation Between Black Georgia Lawmaker Who Says She Was Racially Abused in a Supermarket Checkout Line and the Man Who Denies Telling Her ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’, but Does Admit Calling Her a ‘Lazy B***h’

This is the shocking on-camera, parking lot confrontation between Georgia Rep. Erica Thomas and the white man she claims told her ‘go back to where you came from’ – as he denied the allegation but admitted he branded her a ‘lazy b***h’.

Rep. Thomas of Austell, Georgia, was waiting to be interviewed about the ordeal on Saturday outside the Publix store in Mableton – where the incident occurred the previous day.

Suddenly she spotted the man, Eric Sparkes, who had hurled the abuse at her at the supermarket checkout line, from across the lot. So she decided to confront him.