This Little Girl is Going to Be a Handful: Video Captures Father Having an ‘Argument’ With His Sassy One-year-old Daughter

The father of a one-year-old girl is already learning that his young daughter is going to be a force to reckon with – despite her tender age.

Carlos Lewis Jr., from Houston, Texas, revealed in a sweet Instagram video that his daughter Alaya is proving herself to be more than capable in an argument with him, despite not being able to speak yet.

The clip showed Lewis having a faux ‘argument’ with Alaya, who sassily stomps her feet and shakes her fist at her dad every time he speaks, making her point very clear, even though she is unable to use words.

It is not known exactly what the father-daughter duo were having words about, but what is clear is that it is Alaya who comes out on top.

In the minute-long video posted to Instagram, feisty Alaya babbles in toddler talk.

‘Who you talking to like that,’ dad Carlos questions the cutie. As Alaya is unable to articulate what is bothering her, she continues to shout back and make comical hand gestures.

‘You need to chill out,’ Carlow tells Alaya, as she bounces up and down angrily in her socks and printed onesie.

Even when her dad says, ‘I don’t like how you’re handling me right now,’ she continues to stand her ground.