‘Audio Scripture Ministries’ is Preparing Cyclone Aid Container to Send to Mozambique After Devastating Cyclone Idai

It has been four months since Cyclone Idai ravaged Mozambique and killed hundreds of people. Audio Scripture Ministries’ base in central Mozambique took a direct hit from Cyclone Idai, suffering heavy winds and 30 inches of rain in just two days.

“Cyclone Idai really took a huge toll on the country,” says ASM’s Africa Director Chad Vanden Bosch. “I think it’s changed pretty much every aspect of life around here, which has definitely impacted our ministry. Even though several months have passed now, things are still not quite back to normal and they won’t be for quite some time.”

After Cyclone Idai broke, Vanden Bosch and a local man went to inspect ASM’s farm. They expected to find the land pillaged by the storm, but what they saw was far more surprising.

“The crops around us were heavily damaged. Yet on our farm, we suffered very little damage.”

Vanden Bosch’s surveying partner works in ASM’s agriculture program, Farming With God, but he is ingrained in local witchcraft practices. However, he has heard the Gospel through their ministry.

“As we were surveying it and looking at the damage that was there compared to around us, he turned to me and he said, ‘God is with us,’ which absolutely shocked me to hear those words come from his mouth.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Lyndsey Koh