Georgia Mother Thanks God After Two-Year-Old Daughter Miraculously Survives Car Crash With ‘Barely a Scratch’

Bella, 2, pictured (inset) with her twin sister, Elena, was trapped inside this van when it rolled down a hill and crashed with her inside on July 11, 2019. | GoFundMe; Facebook/Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken

A Georgia mom is still thanking God days after her 2-year-old daughter survived with “barely a scratch” even though she was trapped inside her van when it rolled down a hill and crashed just outside her home last Thursday.

“She came out with barely a scratch on her. It’s truly a miracle,” Megan Newman, 27, told the Star Tribune Sunday.

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken revealed in a statement posted to Facebook that Officer Todd Simmons was on his way to work when the accident occurred. Newman was removing her twin daughters, Bella and Elena, from the van when the van rolled away with Elena still trapped inside.

“The van rolls away with one of the toddlers inside and into busy Mesaba Avenue traffic, striking a vehicle and lodging into the trees on the steep hillside below. The van was partially suspended in the trees above the ground,” Tusken said.

And that’s when Officer Simmons “comes upon the crash, calls for medical help and enters the van and safely removes the toddler.”

“A scary and potentially tragic incident fortunately ends with property damage and minor injury.

“Thank you Officer Simmons for your timing, quick actions and service to help a very scared mom, child and crash victim,” Tusken stated.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair