Shocking Moment British Documentary Maker is Caught in a Violent Clash Between Rival Tribes in Congo Where One Man is Dragged Into the Jungle to Be Killed – as Viewers Praise Her for Boldly Stepping in

A British documentary maker has revealed her shock at being caught up in an explosive tribal conflict in the Congo.

Livia Simoka, from London, admitted she was ‘naive’ about how deep the troubles ran before arriving in Bonguindo, where she stayed for five months with the Mbenejli.

She was shocked to discover their treatment by rival village Bantu, who claim that they ‘own’ Mbenejli families and compared the people to animals who live in dirty squalor.

Livia even witnessed a violent conflict between two men from the rival tribes – and when one man attempted to drag another off into the jungle, she intervened, prompting viewers to praise her ‘bravery’.

Watching the programme, viewers last night admitted they found it ‘harrowing’ but said it had been ‘fascinating and brilliant’ television.

Hailing the ‘refreshing and enjoyable’ documentary, one viewer praised Livia for ‘asking real life questions and fantastic delivery and bravery’.

Another Twitter user said: ‘Very difficult watch but really educational definitely recommended!’.

Also praising her work, another said: ‘This is such an interesting watch, difficult and harrowing at times but overall fascinating.’

Another commenter praised Livia specifically, saying: ‘Extreme Tribe is fascinating and brilliant TV, hosted and narrated by the fantastic Livia Simoka.

Lauren Davies said: ‘What a watch. World away from our lives.’