R. Kelly’s Two Girlfriends Are Evicted From His Trump Tower Home in Chicago After Feds Investigating the Singer ‘Found More Than 20 Videos of Him Having Sex With Minors’

R. Kelly’s two girlfriends have been evicted from his Trump Tower home in Chicago after feds investigating the singer allegedly found more than 20 videos of him having sex with minors.

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary are said to have been removed from the luxury residence after the 52-year-old’s arrest on Thursday night while walking his dog nearby.

Federal officials are reported to have taken over the home after the Grammy winner – real name Robert Sylvester Kelly – was indicted on 18 federal charges earlier this week, including producing producing child pornography, and raping a minor on camera, The Blast reports.

An attorney for Savage’s parents, Timothy and Jonjelyn, who claim the star brainwashed their daughter, say they know where she is staying and they are ‘ready to reunite’ and let ‘whatever happened in the past’ be over.

Lawyer Gerald Griggs said counselors are on hand to help Joycelyn, who defended Kelly during an interview with Gayle King.

He told TMZ some 20 tapes were handed over to investigators by members of Kelly’s inner circle that show him engaged in sex acts with multiple children.

Savage’s father Tim cut off the singer’s crisis manager Darrell Johnson as he spoke to reporters Friday morning, and loudly asked: ‘Where’s my daughter at? Where’s she at? Answer that question!’.

Johnson refused to answer the question, and instead told the grief-stricken family: ‘I’m a crisis manager. I am not a babysitter.’

Kelly was arrested on Thursday night in Chicago after federal prosecutors filed a 13-count indictment that alleges the singer filmed himself raping underage girls and committed a number of other sex crimes over the past 20 years.

A five-count indictment was also filed in New York by federal prosecutors in the state’s Eastern District, which accuses the singer of running a sex ring.

Jocelyn ran off to be with Kelly shortly after meeting him backstage at a concert when she was only 17.

Her parents believe that she is being held captive by the singer, despite their daughter having denied this allegation.

Johnson ignored Timothy after that first interruption, and finished up the remark he was making prior to the Jocelyn’s father approaching him at the event.

He then turned to the man and said: ‘First of all, I have nothing to do with your daughter. I’m not a part of any camp. I’m a contract worker who’s hired to do a job. I don’t work for Mr. Kelly, I work for [the singer’s attorney] Steven Greenberg. I haven’t been paid one dime, I foot my own weight.’

He did then note he had ‘sympathy’ for the family, and informed them he had not witnessed anything ‘harmful’ in the six times he has seen the young woman.

‘Our daughter’s life is in danger,’ responded Jocelyn’s father.

‘We want to make sure she’s healthy, well and fine.’

Because they come from the federal government, the accusations add a new dimension to the allegations against Kelly, who was already facing sexual abuse charges brought by Illinois prosecutors earlier this year.

One federal indictment in Chicago said Kelly arranged for a girl and her parents to travel overseas to prevent them from talking with police prior to his 2002 indictment on 21 counts of child pornography.

The R&B artist allegedly later instructed them to lie to a grand jury about the case. Kelly was acquitted in 2008 of the charges, which accused him of recording a video of sex acts with the girl, who was 12 or 13 when they met in the mid-1990s.

A separate indictment filed in the Eastern District of New York included charges of racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor and the sexual exploitation of a child.

It said Kelly and his managers, bodyguards and other assistants picked out women and girls at concerts and other venues and arranged for them to travel to see Kelly.

They also set rules the women and girls had to follow, including not leaving their rooms – even to eat or go to the bathroom – without Kelly’s permission, calling the singer ‘Daddy’ and not looking at other men, the indictment alleges.

The allegations have swirled for years around Kelly, whom federal prosecutors said Friday was ’emboldened by his fame and the lack of any real consequences.’

The charges come after two documentaries and a series of news articles about the accusations, as well as pleas from prosecutors who have urged new victims and witnesses came forward.

Kelly appeared in court Friday, standing before the judge in an orange jumpsuit, with his hands clasped behind his back. The only words he spoke during the 15-minute hearing were ‘yes, ma’am.’

He will remain in federal custody at least until Tuesday, when he’s scheduled for a detention hearing. Prosecutors want him held without bail.

His attorney, Steve Greenberg, said the latest charges were ‘not a surprise’ and that Kelly should be allowed to post bail.

‘It’s the worst kept secret he was going to get charged federally, and he hasn’t fled,’ he said following Friday’s hearing.

He also accused the federal government of ‘piling on’ with the new charges and described his client as unflappable despite a series of indictments in recent months.

‘I’m amazed he hasn’t had a complete breakdown in the face of all of this pressure,’ he said. He questioned if the victims referenced in the indictments were actually victims.

‘They’ve charged him in New York with enticing people and encouraging people to have sex with him,’ Greenberg said. ‘I don’t think people accidentally have sex so I’m not really sure what the criminal activity is there.’

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Source: Daily Mail