North Carolina Mother Thanks God for ‘Miracle’ After Nurses Save ‘Lifeless’ 12-Year-Old Son Who Almost Drowned at Beach

Levi Floyd, 12, believes God heard his family’s prayers and praise that helped him recover after he drowned at the beach. | Screenshot: Fox 8

A North Carolina mother whose 12-year-old son stopped breathing at a local beach is thanking God for giving her son a “miracle” when a number of nurses stepped in to save him as her family sang and prayed for his revival.

“It was a miracle no doubt,” the boy’s mother, Lyndsey Floyd, told Fox 8.

She said she was with her family, including her son, Levi, at the Holden Beach last Saturday when he took a dive into a wave and failed to emerge from the water.

Seeing what happened, his frantic father rushed to pull him from the water and they discovered he had stopped breathing.

“Levi’s lifeless. There was nothing,” Floyd recalled, explaining how her son was blue all over.

“It looked like [his father] threw 120 pounds of blue rubber. Like he wasn’t even a person,” Floyd said.

Floyd’s cousin, who is a nurse, started performing CPR on Levi but he wasn’t recovering. And that’s when Derek Gibson, a former Duke Life Flight nurse, stepped in.

WRAL report said Gibson, who is from Clayton, was at the beach for one last lounge with his wife and two daughters when he noticed a tense crowd gathering a few yards away.

“I noticed he was pretty blue,” Gibson told WRAL. “You could tell he wasn’t breathing.”

He saw Floyd’s cousin giving Levi CPR but that only caused the boy to vomit water.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair