Andrew Hinton: American Churches Have Become Shallow and Irrelevant and Here’s What We Can Do About It

I generally refrain from discussing politics or topics of theological and philosophical importance in the public sphere. I didn’t used to see any usefulness in speaking out. The world will continue to act in unholy and ungodly ways no matter what I say. And my fellow Christians will continue to bicker with each other as we stumble to imitate Christ. Such was how I expected things to continue during my lifetime. But now, seeing how things are evolving and witnessing the peril the Church, I am motivated to write.

I am motivated to write because I am watching the church disintegrate. Our churches have become businesses instead of houses of God. Our small groups often lack intercessory prayer, regular acts of service to our community, and tender hours waiting on the Holy Spirit. Instead of taking our corporate faith seriously and seeking to hear from God, we settle for shallow sermons, hot-topic books, or generalized discussions that leave us looking for answers in the world or from each other.

We could discuss why this happened or how this happened for thousands of pages. I am not interested in discussing those topics here. Instead I am interested in discussing the way forward. We know the church is splintered. We know it could be more effective. We know our theology, doctrine, and message have suffered. We talk about it endlessly. We even lament and lecture to each other how this sect is wrong, this denomination corrupted, ect. Discussing what is wrong or describing an error in the church solves nothing.

Action solves such things. If every church in a given town has a food pantry then praise God! No one in the community will go hungry. But imagine now if each church that owned a pantry communicated with each other to not only feed their town, but the next town too. What if the churches that had excess reached out to those churches who the knew lacked? What if they even encouraged a joint project to not only feed the community but to provide non-prescription medicine? Or physical exams?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Andrew Hinton